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St. James Community History Center

The St. James Community History Center was created to preserve and recover the history of St. James/Evansburg and its surrounding environs. The center is dedicated to the preservation of artifacts and documents and the conversion of historical documents to an appropriate electronic format to ensure their preservation and facilitate access through the use of electronic databases. Housed in the former SPG Schoolhouse the center provides space for display of permanent and loaned artifacts.   In 2005 the center partnered with the Lower Providence Historical Society to present a day of Living History in celebration of the bicentennial of Lower Providence Township.
At the present time the History Center Committee is in the midst of a long- range project to survey and catalog the entire cemetery. The survey of the old section of St. James cemetery was completed Fall of 2009 and is available through the Genealogy link in the Resources section of this site.  We continue to work on the new section of the cemetery and hope to complete this work by Spring 2010.  The Center is open to the public for special events such as the bicentennial celebration and various church sponsored events that highlight the history of St. James Church.  Group tours and individual access to documents for historical research are available by appointment at history@stjames-episcopal.org. or by calling the church office at 610-489-7564.

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 Wall display  

St. James Community History Center


School Master's Desk

circa 1800

Original Fireplace (SPG Schoolhouse)

St. James Community Hsitory Center

 Mortuary Chapel

Two rooms added to SPG Schoolhouse in 1924 for use as mortuary chapel.

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